California Theatre, San Jose
Hammer Theatre SJ
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2:45 PM (85 min)
A time-travelling horror/human story
5:00 PM (93 min)
Tom of Your Life
Some species live out their entire life span in 24 hours... What if a human did?
7:15 PM (88 min)
Nail In The Coffin: The Fall & Rise Of Vampiro
He loves punk rock, wrestling, and his teenage daughter.
9:30 PM (120 min)
Opposite Direction
"Life is good. In spite of everything, being alive is great."
2:30 PM (93 min)
Ms. Diagnosed
Heart disease does not discriminate by gender, but symptoms do.
5:00 PM (70 min)
A Home Called Nebraska
What does American mean?
7:30 PM (85 min)
The Roads Not Taken
Take them or don’t really live.
9:30 PM (89 min)
Death of a Vlogger
Blair Witch is back in the 21st century.
11:40 AM (72 min)
The Quicksilver Chronicles
Gone, Daddy, Gone.
1:55 PM (96 min)
Ah, the joys of co-op ownership. Then again, maybe not.
4:15 PM (109 min)
Shorts Program 6: DocuNation
These truths are intoxicating.
6:50 PM (91 min)
The Unexpected Life
Powerful, provocative, and stirring, six phenomenal visions will keep you talking long after you have seen them.
9:05 PM (80 min)
Maybe Tomorrow
New parents balance responsibility and passion.
7:20 PM (80 min)
3 Day Weekend
A kidnapping, a double-cross, an act of revenge, a mystery
9:30 PM (97 min)
Fried Barry
An alien goes on a bizarre joy ride in a human body.
11:30 AM (86 min)
Twelve Days of Christmas
Holidays and heartaches
1:45 PM (83 min)
All Joking Aside
Comedy breeds unlikely bedfellows.
4:00 PM (91 min)
Jay Sebring...Cutting To The Truth
A Hollywood legend lost, and now found.
6:45 PM (83 min)
Like Reply Share
Things sometimes look clearer through a stranger’s eyes.
9:00 PM (86 min)
Fox Hunt Drive
Buckle up for the twists and turns!
3:00 PM (58 min)
An Exquisite Meal
What’s cooking???
5:00 PM (85 min)
Schwarz, Weiss, Bunt
She’s looking for meaning, while coming of age in Vienna.
7:15 PM (110 min)
Shorts Program 8: Far & Wide
The language of cinema is universal.
6:30 PM (60 min)
The Forgotten
One man's story changed one woman's mission
8:40 PM (118 min)
Laugh it Up
Outrageous, timely, and maybe a tad risqué, these six incredibly funny experiences will fill you with laughter.
7:00 PM (82 min)
Where Is Nancy?
An inspiring story of how a tragic event could be channeled to create a lasting positive change.
9:00 PM (124 min)
Spring Tide
A cultural sweep of China through three generations of women.