Live Art Contest

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Showing In


Four fantastic artists will paint live during the festival to this year's Cinequest Festival theme: Elation.

You can witness their creations coming to life in the Rehearsal Hall of the California Theatre alongside the VR Cinema Experiences and thereafter.  Drop by, enjoy, and vote for your favorite.  Finished paintings will be on display in the California Lobby on closing day and presented on stage during the closing night event.

Curated by Phantom Galleries

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Brittni Paul is a self taught illustrator and mix media artist of all things nature with a passion in biology, geology, and space.  her work focuses on flora and fauna on the brink of extinction: some iconic, some lesser known.  She wants to evoke an emotional connection with the animal and conjure up images of these diverse species thriving in their respective ecosystems.

Bryson Bost has exhibited extensively throughout the Greater Bay Area SF.  As an artist, Bryson prides himself on delivering the best possible offerings to collectors, while building relationships with clients, where creation and hospitality are equally valued.

Jennifer Carrrier finds a lot of inspiration in nature, and likes to combine deep space with earthly or sea imagery, creating her own nature.  Mostly she draws inspiration from surrealism and dreamscapes; everything depicted in her work are things you've seen before, just under a new light.

Jonathan Crow is a Bay Area-based artist and writer who received an MFA in filmmaking from the California Institute of Arts.  In 2013, he started Veeptopus, a series of watercolor portraits of every U.S. vice president.  His work was featured on BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, and the New York Times.  He is currently working on the oil paint series that combines images of American nostalgia with today's mood of anxiety.