Poets N Film



Hammer Theatre SJ Sun, Mar 8 2:00 PM
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Type of Film/Event:Feature
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This event includes the premiere screening of ruth weiss: beat goddess and the Maverick Spirit Event with ruth weiss.

Celebrating the power of the spoken word in poetry, music, and film!

This very special event includes the screening of ruth weiss: beat goddess, a panel conversation with the legendary ms. weiss, and a poetry reading accompanied by her band. What a phenomenal celebration of art, poetry, film, and the legacy of the Beats we have in store for you. 

Stabbydoll Media, with support from Poetry Center San José, joins Cinequest to present Poets N Film 2020. Come celebrate with us as we rebel against the norms with our gun-powdered lips and our salty tongues. The show kicks off with two Beat poems read by two Cinequest favorite poets: Kimy Martinez and Gary Singh. 

After these masterful poets perform, Melody Miller’s ruth weiss: beat goddess unveils! Melody creates amazing narrative films and documentaries with social impact. Here she has beautifully captured the heart, work, and legend of ruth weiss, a female Beat poet that revolutionized and empowered the world of poetry. After this breathtaking film, ruth weiss will perform along with musicians Hal Davis, Doug O’Connor, and Rent Romus.

We are very fortunate to culminate the event with a Maverick Spirit Award presentation and panel discussion, moderated by Robert Pesich, president of Poetry Center San José. Panel discussion will include the founder of the Beat Museum, Jerry Cimino, the Author of Women of the Beat Generation, Brenda Knight, and professional photographer Daniel Nicoletta, ruth weiss, and film artists Melody Miller.