The Unexpected Life

  • Black Coat Black Coat
  • Detention Adventure Detention Adventure
  • Frederick Douglass Boulevard Frederick Douglass Boulevard
  • Millionaire from Balashikha Millionaire from Balashikha
  • Nun Habits Nun Habits
  • The Square Root The Square Root


3Below Tue, Mar 10 6:50 PM
Film Info
Type of Film/Event:TV Program
Rating:Not Rated


Have you ever wanted to be a studio executive discovering the next hit series? This exclusive line-up is your sneak peak at how they do it!

Powerful, provocative, and stirring, six phenomenal visions will keep you talking long after you have seen them. From a haunting adaptation of the literary classic “The Black Coat”; to the captivating story of a man who’s concocted a scheme to de-gentrify Harlem; to a series that explores memory and the small moments that make us who we are; and so much more. Six tales provide windows into life, while adding humor, mystery, adventure, and heart.

Included Shorts

Black Coat (30min) More
Detention Adventure (11min) More
Frederick Douglass Boulevard (15min) More
Millionaire from Balashikha (10min) More
Nun Habits (11min) More
The Square Root (14min) More