Shocks, Thrills, and Dark Visions

  • Asking for a Friend Asking for a Friend
  • Glitch! Glitch!
  • R.L. Allman's Peter Pan R.L. Allman's Peter Pan
  • S41NT S41NT
  • Sucked In Sucked In


3Below Wed, Mar 4 8:30 PM
Film Info
Type of Film/Event:TV Program
Rating:Not Rated


Have you ever wanted to be a studio executive discovering the next hit series? This exclusive line-up is your sneak peak at how they do it!

Between light and shadow, there exist worlds beyond imagining…where one might find mystery, horror, and adventure. Join five journeys into other realities; where you may stumble into a world where vampires exist, or where video games come to life and try to kill you, or where the characters of a fairy tale live in the gritty underworld of San Francisco. One thing is for sure: you won’t soon forget the fantastic worlds into which you are invited.

Included Shorts

Asking for a Friend (25min) More
Glitch! (24min) More
R.L. Allman's Peter Pan (26min) More
S41NT (30min) More
Sucked In (9min) More