Shorts Program 11B: It's A Mad World

  • Butch Butch
  • Elephant in the Room Elephant in the Room
  • Holy Jail Holy Jail
  • Kaeru Kaeru
  • Pigeon Girl Pigeon Girl
  • Salvage Salvage
  • Sweet Tooth (Dulce Hogar) Sweet Tooth (Dulce Hogar)
  • Tender Streets Tender Streets
  • Turf Nation Turf Nation
  • Unbinding Unbinding
Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Shorts Program
Rating:Not Rated


These days, the world seems like it's going crazy sometimes, with the news cycle producing a constant stream of terrifying, unpredictable, and bizarre storylines. This collection of shorts leans into the madness of today's world as seen through the eyes of the next generation of filmmakers, featuring escapist tales of connection and discovery, true stories of society's darker elements, reflections on life ­– both whimsical and emotional – and unexpected takes on family and community that will leave you feeling connected and fully engaged. – Nathan Zanon

Included Shorts

Butch (8min) More
Sweet Tooth (Dulce Hogar) (10min) More
Elephant in the Room (20min) More
Holy Jail (12min) More
Kaeru (6min) More
Pigeon Girl (12min) More
Salvage (16min) More
Tender Streets (6min) More
Turf Nation (13min) More
Unbinding (13min) More