ruth weiss, the beat goddess


Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Feature
Rating:Not Rated
Additional Info
Production Country:USA
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Melody C. Miller
Producer:Elisabeth Montgomery
Music:Stephen A. Spies
Cinematographer:Melody C. Miller
Editor:Eric F. Martin
Melody C. Miller


The March 8 screeening of ruth weiss: beat goddess is part of the Poets N Film event, which also includes the Maverick Spirit Event with ruth weiss.  To attend this once in a lifetime experience, purchase a ticket for the Poets N Film Event here.

Melody C. Miller's film is an homage to an unimaginable career spanning 91 years continuing to date, of one of the most influential writers of the Beat Generation, ruth weiss. Miller captures the retelling of weiss' family's desperate escape from the Nazi regime utilizing the powerful animation of somber illustrations showing a train and boat ride to America. This spectacular story of survival and escape from Nazi Germany is just the start of a trailblazing, norm-defying influencer, a gem that we can proudly call our own since weiss made her home here in the Bay Area beginning in 1940s. Miller further highlights weiss' electrifying and always intimate poetry with breathtaking images of exquisite modern dance in unexpected places, to the gloriously lit landscapes and the open glittered night sky. This film documents not only weiss' gift to humanity but archives significant historical moments in our world's social and literary movements. – Shwetha VR

Presented In Honor Of Jim Boyce