Port of Destiny: Peace


Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Feature
Big Event
Rating:Not Rated
Additional Info
Production Country:USA
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Juan Manuel Santos
William Jefferson Clinton
Tony Blair
Director:Robert Abbott
Producer:Nina Easton & Kelly Laferriere (SellersEaston Media)
Cinematographer:Gustavo Acosta


This inspiring film tells the incredible story of a leader who sacrificed his politics, his wellbeing, and his office for the good of the people. Colombia has been at war for most of its history. Civil War with the FARC and the constant danger of the drug cartels became the international calling card of one of the most beautiful nations in Central America. President Juan Manuel Santos sought to change all of that, eventually negotiating a peace accord and being awarded the Nobel Prize for doing it! Told through interviews with leaders like former President Bill Clinton and British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Port of Destiny: Peace looks at how a former war hawk turned his attention to promoting peace and came away as one of the most successful presidents in modern history. There is hope for peace, and this film is proof.

What an evening we have in store for you! Viewing the super motivating film Port of Destiny: Peace could be enough—as it portrays one of the world’s most heroic figures; former President of Colombia (and Nobel Prize Winner), Juan Manuel Santos. But that’s not all folks… we will also be graced with an appearance from Pattie Sellers, well known for making her mark on society by cofounding Fortune Most Powerful Women. If you’re in the Who’s Who of power women, well, you’ve been there, and you’ve been inspired! Now, Sellers is the exciting Co-CEO of SellersEaston Media. Part of her work encourages people who have power and influence to utilize their platform for the good (not the monetary exploitation) of the community and our world.

Thus, Cinequest, and Pattie Sellers, are very proud to present our Visionary Award to Chuck Robbins, CEO of Cisco, and to engage in conversation (Sellers and Robbins) following the screening! Robbins has taken his position as leader of one of the world’s most important companies and done more than worry about stock prices and valuation. (Yes, he’s done great with those as well!) Robbins has put his money and influence behind a growing movement in the Silicon Valley to alleviate homelessness or at least decrease it substantially. Wow! This is a must-do event for people who love people.

Watch the trailer here!

Monday, March 9, 2020
7:15 PM

California Theatre
345 S. First Street

$12 Ticket includes screening and conversation.
Film Lover, Mavericks, and All Access Passes welcome.