Nail In The Coffin: The Fall & Rise Of Vampiro

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Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Feature
Rating:Not Rated
Additional Info
Production Country:Canada
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Ian Hodgkinson (aka Vampiro)
Dasha Hodgkinson
Director:Michael Paszt
Producer:Pasha Patriki
Screenwriter:Michael Paszt
Cinematographer:Pasha Patriki


The great Vampiro, an aging Mexican wrestler, must reinvent himself working in Mexico City and Los Angeles while simultaneously raising his 17-year-old daughter in remote Northern Canada.

As the director of the biggest wrestling event in Mexico City, Ian Hodgkinson is immersed in a world fueled by alcohol and steroids, surrounded by people with big egos who are addicted to the drug of believing their own hype. Working on this event is the culmination of his own unlikely journey, starting as an athletic punk rock fan from a quiet Canadian suburb, through a stint as a bodyguard for the infamous music group Milli Vanilli, to instant fame in Mexico as the superhero wrestler known as Vampiro. This high-energy but ultimately endearing documentary is about a man who has endured years of brutal moves in the wrestling arena, but who longs to be a good dad to his beloved daughter.– Shari Clare

Presented In Honor Of Jim Boyce

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