Hope for Breast Cancer

Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Feature
Rating:Not Rated
Additional Info
Production Country:Mexico
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Eric Zielinski
Producer:Josh Peters
Christopher Price
Screenwriter:Eric Zielinski
Cinematographer:Josh Peters
Editor:Josh Peters
Christopher Price
Robert Stonaker


Angie Lima was playing with her daughter, who accidentally head-butted her breast, which led to a diagnosis of stage 2b breast cancer. Hope for Breast Cancer details her journey through the diagnosis and how she threw herself into both fighting the disease and documenting her life. Through a trip to Hope4Cancer clinic, a treatment center in Mexico, Angie undertook a course of treatment focused on natural intervention. This intensely personal story looks at the role of personal faith, nature, and the limitations of modern medicine. Angie managed not only to stay alive, but also to thrive throughout her treatment, and tried having another baby. Hope for Breast Cancer will move you and make you marvel at the power and strength we find when facing our mortality. – Chris Garcia