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2001: A Space Odyssey

Maverick extraordinare in 70MM!
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3 Day Weekend

A kidnapping, a double-cross, an act of revenge, a mystery
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A Bad Place

Three women…their dark pasts…an unstoppable monster
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Before the Fire

A post-apocalyptic visit to a hometown digs up scarier secrets.
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Dark Whispers

A legacy of tales through a twisted lens.
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Death of a Vlogger

Blair Witch is back in the 21st century.
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A man is drawn to revenge when the case of his wife’s murder reopens.
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Fox Hunt Drive

Buckle up for the twists and turns!
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Fried Barry

An alien goes on a bizarre joy ride in a human body.
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Ghost of the Golden Groves

What strangeness awaits you in the dark Bengali forest?
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It’s hammer time for feminine rivalry
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The Night

When a hotel traps a family, will truth set them free?
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Nina of the Woods

An actress’ new gig becomes an unexplainable adventure into Mother Nature’s abyss.
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The Presumption of Guilt

If everybody's lying, what becomes of truth?
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Road Head

A road trip becomes a (missing) head trip.
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A time-travelling horror/human story
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Shocks, Thrills, and Dark Visions

Between light and shadow, there exist worlds beyond imagining…where one might find mystery, horror, and adventure.
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Shorts Program 3: Other Places, Other Times

This is not my house…
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