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All of Us

Life happens at the threshold of death.
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Ana's Desire

From disruption to redemption
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Before Oblivion

Power in the extended family.
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The Burnt Orange Heresy

Love and thievery in Lake Como.
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Comfort food isn’t always a comfort.
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The secrets we reveal in the embrace of a stranger.
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Faith, family, and the world of dance.
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The Elder One

Sometimes truth is deception, and deception, truth.
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Hope Gap

It takes two…
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I Am Frank

Coming into money always comes with a price
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Inez & Doug & Kira

A mysterious death prompts a couple to unravel the past... but at what cost?
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Jay Sebring...Cutting To The Truth

A Hollywood legend lost, and now found.
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The Last Days of Capitalism

Sex, power, and carpe diem in Vegas.
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Things sometimes look clearer through a stranger’s eyes.
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Scarred by a criminal mistake, he now has the opportunity to even the score.
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Love Is Not Love

There is no destination, only pursuit.
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As the world exists in one grain of sand, so does the family of man in this marketplace
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Maybe Tomorrow

New parents balance responsibility and passion.
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