In The Shadow (Ve Stinu)


Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Feature
Year Produced:2012
Additional Info
Production Country:Czech Republic
Cast/Crew Info
Director:David Ondricek
Producer:David Ondricek
Krystof Mucha
Ehud Bleiberg
Screenwriter:Marek Epstein
David Ondricek
Misha Votruba
Music:Jan P. Muchow
Michal Novinski
Cinematographer:Adam Sikora
Editor:Michal Lansky
Cast:Ivan Trojan
Sebastian Koch
Sona Norisova
Jiri Stepnicka
David Svehlik
Miroslav Krobot
Marek Taclik
Martin Mysicka
Filip Antonio


Winner of 5 Czech Film Critics' Awards Awards including Best Film, Director, and Actor!

When the State dictates the “facts,” can the truth be brought to light? We are in Prague 1953, and the Czech communists are in full control. In this year’s Czech Oscar submission, a complex and provocative neo-noir thriller, Police Inspector Hakl (Ivan Trojan, Visible World, Cinequest 2012 – in a tour-de-force performance) is investigating a seemingly simple case of robbery. But the newly formed State Secret Police have another scenario in mind to explain the crime, so to replace him, they bring in Zenke (Sebastian Koch, The Lives of Others), an East German expert on Zionist terrorism. Determined to get at the facts buried in this mirror maze of lies and deception, Hakl is about to learn the true cost of the truth – if in such a world there is truth.

– Charlie Cockey

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