Ally Was Screaming


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Film Info
Year Produced:2014
Additional Info
Dark Comedy
Premiere Status:United States
Production Country:Canada
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Jeremy Thomas
Producer:Robert Cuffley, Colin Sheldon, Tom Benz, Dan Dumouchel, Chengis Javeri
Colin Sheldon
Screenwriter:Jeremy Thomas
Cinematographer:Dan Dumouchel
Editor:Jeremy Thomas
Neshe Delici
Cast:Charlie Carrick
Giacomo Baessato
Camille Sullivan
Niall Matter


What if “right” wasn’t what you thought it was?

Ally is dead. Her two best friends, Seth and Nole, are horrified to discover that she never updated her will after divorcing her abusive, incarcerated husband. He gets every single thing she owned – even small mementos – thanks to her sister and executrix, a stickler for the rules. When the value of the estate takes an unexpected turn into the stratosphere, Seth and Nole begin to ponder what they are willing to do for a few million dollars – including justifying a murder as a charitable act. By turns hilariously funny and darkly suspenseful, this sly, intelligent drama from Jeremy Thomas (The End, Cinequest 2008) sneaks up on you and won’t let you go. - Pia Chamberlain

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