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Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Feature
Year Produced:2013
Additional Info
Premiere Status:United States Premiere
Production Country:Mexico
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Isabel Muñoz Cota Callejas
Producer:Henner Hofmann
Liliana Pardo
Karla Bukantz
Screenwriter:Isabel Muñoz Cota Callejas
Claudia Sainte-Luce
Music:Tomas Barreiro
Cinematographer:Miguel Angel García
Editor:Francisco X Rivera
Ana Laura Castro
Cast:Maricela Peñalosa
Mauricio Isaac
Juan Carlos Colombo
Flavio Medina
Verónica Langer


What would you do for your long, lost love?

In a Mexico City hospital, as Lucia waits for her friend, she has a chance encounter with Felipe, her ailing ex. Making up for twelve years they hadn’t seen each other, Lucia takes time off from work and puts her own life aside to become Felipe’s de facto nurse. She is lovesick and needs someone to need her. What is the price you would pay to rekindle that flame? Or do you put it out with a flurry of fire extinguishers? An impressive debut feature from Isabel Munoz Cota Callejas, featuring commanding performances from her leads, Inercia reveals clever narrative twists and gives a claustrophobic setting an incredible sense of space.

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