Shorts Program 11A: Life Lessons

  • Asma Asma
  • Balloon Balloon
  • Flocked Flocked
  • Happy Pill Happy Pill
  • Human Resources of Ugago Human Resources of Ugago
  • Pretty Enough Pretty Enough
  • Smoke Monkey Smoke Monkey
  • Something to Believe In Something to Believe In
  • The Bubbleman The Bubbleman
  • The Shadow of Cairo The Shadow of Cairo
  • Upper Lip Upper Lip
  • With Strength (Con Fuerza) With Strength (Con Fuerza)


Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Shorts Program
Rating:Not Rated


Some films are able to tell a great story while imparting life lessons to the viewer; others feature the characters themselves learning lessons of their own. This program of student work is a combination of various styles, featuring bubbles and balloons, pills and pigeons, monkeys and masked heroes, as they tell coming-of-age stories with unique vision, give insights into contemporary political challenges, and craft tales of hilarious confrontations, often all in the same film. – Nathan Zanon

Included Shorts

Asma (8min) More
Balloon (17min) More
With Strength (Con Fuerza) (9min) More
Flocked (3min) More
Happy Pill (8min) More
Human Resources of Ugago (14min) More
Pretty Enough (10min) More
Smoke Monkey (2min) More
Something to Believe In (14min) More
The Bubbleman (10min) More
The Shadow of Cairo (15min) More
Upper Lip (11min) More