Shorts Program 7: Comedy Favorites

  • Auditioning with Mom Auditioning with Mom
  • Book Clubbing Book Clubbing
  • Come F*ck My Robot Come F*ck My Robot
  • Daddio Daddio
  • Easy Street (Je Suis Chaud!) Easy Street (Je Suis Chaud!)
  • Fart Couch Fart Couch
  • RAmen RAmen
  • Something Doesn't Feel Right Something Doesn't Feel Right
  • The Claw The Claw
  • The Name of the Son The Name of the Son
  • The Tall Bike Joust The Tall Bike Joust
Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Shorts Program
Rating:Not Rated


We all need a good laugh, right? Yeah, Something Funny is exactly what you need! We’ve got films of comedy of every brow: high, low, and furrowed. There are genre films that explore the strange things we do for love, sex, and science. There are comedies that give us pause to think. And there are fart jokes. Undeniably funny, fun and funky fresh, Comedy Favorites lines up and charges down the court, in pursuit of uproarious laughter! – Chris Garcia

Included Shorts

Auditioning with Mom (9min) More
Book Clubbing (6min) More
Come F*ck My Robot (12min) More
Daddio (18min) More
Fart Couch (3min) More
Easy Street (Je Suis Chaud!) (2min) More
RAmen (10min) More
Something Doesn't Feel Right (10min) More
The Claw (9min) More
The Name of the Son (10min) More
The Tall Bike Joust (15min) More