About a Teacher


3Below Mon, Mar 9 8:50 PM
Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Feature
Rating:Not Rated
Additional Info
Premiere Status:World Premiere
Production Country:USA
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Dov Tiefenbach
Tibor Feldman
Kate Eastman
Aurora Leonard
Leslie Hendrix
Joseph John Vega
Cedric Preval
Sterling Morales
Director:Hanan Harchol
Executive Producer:Sara Bloom
Producer:Hanan Harchol
Screenwriter:Hanan Harchol
Cinematographer:Kai Dekassian
Editor:Grace Sandberg
Alan Kudan (Sound Mixer)


An intimate and inspiring drama that candidly takes us through the personal journey of a new inner-city public high school teacher who enters the profession oblivious to the actual demands of teaching in the inner-city. Based on actual events.

Inspired by filmmaker Hanan Harchol’s real-life experiences as a film teacher in an inner-city public high school, and featuring many of his former students, the intimate and inspiring About A Teacher follows a new and clueless teacher as he struggles to guide his students through class while he learns how to be an effective teacher in a system that doesn’t prepare or support its instructors. While examining familiar territory (challenging social issues, the fact that both teachers and students regularly drop out of the system), Hanan’s story elevates through his personal struggles as a teacher, the teens’ struggles simply to navigate life, and how the symbiosis between mentor and student can have lasting, positive impact. – Kelly A. Harrison

Presented In Honor Of Jim Boyce